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Materials Science of Actinides

Dr. Alexandra Navrotsky (UC Davis) for receiving the 2016 V.M. Goldschmidt Medal. The award recognizes Navrotsky's broad and prolific career that has advanced our understanding of the energetics of Earth materials, specifically the fundamental thermodynamic basis of materials behavior and the implications for a wide range of problems in the geosciences. (Elements Magazine). 

Dr. William Casey (UC Davis) for receiving the 2016 C.C. Patterson Metal. The award recognizes Casey's for research addressing environmental geochemistry topics, particularly the development of nuclear magnetic resonance technology, which has opened the door for many fundamental studies in environmental geochemistry. (Elements Magazine). 

Congratulations - AWard winners

Solution 31P NMR Study of the Acid-Catalyzed Formation of a Highly Charged {U24Pp12} Nanocluster, [(UO2)24(O2)24(P2O7)12] 48−, and Its Structural Characterization in the Solid State Using Single-Crystal Neutron Diffraction

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1. Nanoscale Cage Clusters 
       Theme Leads: Peter C. Burns, University of Notre Dame
​                             Laura Gagliardi, University of Minnesota

2. Complex Ceramic and Metallic Materials
      Theme Leads: Alexandra Navrotsky, University of California, Davis
                           Albert Migliori, Los Alamos National Laboratory

3. Actinide Materials in Extreme Environments
      Theme Leads: Rodney Ewing, Stanford University
                           Maik Lang, University of Tennessee

Research themes in msa

The mission of the MSA is to conduct transformative research in the actinide sciences with full integration of experimental and computational approaches, and an emphasis on research questions that are important to the energy future of the nation.  Workforce development is a motivating goal of this university-based center.

The Mission of msa

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